Natural ingredient supplement maker NB Pure (formerly Nutritional Brands) announced a complete rebrand, with a new name, logo, packaging design and website. The new, modernized look was done to reflect the company’s commitment to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers. With this rebrand, the family-owned and operated NB Pure says it is positioned to step out of the shadows and take over the natural wellness space.

“We are a Phoenix-based company, and we’re choosing to view this rebrand as a phoenix rising from the ashes,” says Danna Pratte, CEO of NB Pure. “We want to become the most well-known health and wellness brand in the natural space, and an elevated packaging design and rebrand is step one in achieving that goal. We built this family-run and operated company from the ground up, and we’re ready to take the next step and launch ourselves into the public space.”

NB Pure evolved its previous logo to provide a modern, timeless and refreshing look. With its modernized water and leaf design elements and lowercase letters, the brand aimed for a new sense of approachability — an intentional move to showcase the brand as a wellness partner to all. All NB Pure products will feature this logo to create unity and drive recognition among its previous sub-brands, which included Aerobic Life, Oregon Health, Pure Vegan and Vuelve la Vida.

The product packaging also got a redesign. Easy-to-read labels aim to ensure that loyal NB Pure fans and brand new customers alike will get all the information they need at a single glance. A new color-coordinated system is expected to catch the attention of customers perusing the highly competitive supplements aisle. The bright colors also serve a functional purpose to help differentiate between products:

Blue = Cleanse
MagO7, Paraend and Liver Fend

Green = Digestion
Daily Multi-Fiber, Digestive Enzyme Complex and Enzybiotic

Orange = Boost
Zinc Up+, Methyl B-12, Vitamin D3 and Onset

Purple = Care
Plant Protein+, Stress Away, Power Down and Organic Aloe Vera

RJ Carvis, director of marketing, was hired earlier this year to lead this initiative and craft a new company image to transform Nutritional Brands into NB Pure.

“This is what I came here to do,” says Carvis. “Coming from a sports background, my unique approach to functional health and wellness paired with NB Pure’s staff of innovative thinkers will bring this company to the next level. NB Pure has an amazing backstory and an industry-leading stable of products. With this rebrand, big things are coming, and I am honored to be part of this exciting ride.”

In addition to rebranding, NB Pure launched a website overhaul to match the new and improved packaging. The brand’s website is designed to be easier than ever to navigate and provide a seamless transaction experience for customers.

The redesigned NB Pure products will be on shelves and on the brand’s website beginning in early 2021.

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