Brand: Chobani

Product: Chobani Minis

Creative Agency: Davidson

Country of Origin: Australia

Chobani is a market leader and innovator in the yogurt sector. A brand that loves exciting their customer base with fresh new flavors and products to suit a wide variety of ages.

After conducting an audit of the current kid’s yogurt category, Chobani identified a clear gap for yogurt snacks aimed at tweens, aged 9-13. Working with Chobani, Davidson identified that no one was speaking to this fickle age group with products looking either too ‘kiddy’ or overtly health-focussed. There was an opportunity to bring a new, cool product to the yogurt category that targeted this unique age group. Chobani developed a lunch-box-friendly range of six different flavor variants which mixed the goodness of greek yogurt with unique fruit combinations themed around color. These included; Red Riot – strawberry and guava, Blue Wahoo – blackberry and blueberry, Hello Yellow – pineapple and banana, Groovy Green – pear and apple, Orange Blast – orange and mango, and Pink Punch – raspberry and strawberry. Chobani’s new range, ‘Chobani Minis’, is designed to entice customers by delivering something new, exciting, and innovative to the yogurt aisle. As well as developing a great product alternative for parents to choose for their kids.

Davidson was commissioned to create visual territories based on research into the visual culture of Tweens, which looked at their most loved brands, fashion, gaming, tech, social platforms. The territory that resonated most with Tweens tapped into the cool factor of retro street art and sticker collages that you might find on school sketchbooks, social emojis, and skateboard helmets. This inspired the ‘scrapbook’ design of the packs, which features a vibrant collage of the graffiti-type treatment paired with fun fruit stickers on a fruit-inspired colored tonal background. A solution that is fun, playful, giving each yogurt an edgy design look and feel.

The burst of colors across the different flavors was intended to attract buyers' attention, generate excitement amongst customers, and assist with the product standing out on store shelves.