Throughout the year, Berlin Packaging – the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier® – tracks consumer insights, product trends, and packaging innovation to better understand what is happening in the market. Here are the top five packaging trends to watch in 2023 according to the experts at Berlin.

1. Value Sizes: Inflation, global economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, and rising prices are causing consumers to change their habits, putting a newfound focus on how packaging sizes can offer greater affordability and meet consumers’ value-for-money needs. While smaller packs will continue to dominate in 2023, larger packaging is expected to grow rapidly through 2025 as global inflation is expected to last for several years due to a variety of factors.

2. Smart Packaging: With the ability to do things like monitor freshness, provide ingredient, nutrient, and health specifications, display information about a brand or company, or create an interactive consumer experience, “smart packaging” has a multitude of uses, and its popularity will only continue to grow.

A recent study found that 42% of global consumers are always or often influenced by how digitally advanced or “smart” the product or service is. That percentage is for 2022, up from 35% in 2021 (GlobalData). Younger consumers are especially interested, with one in four Gen Z and Millennial shoppers saying that interactive packaging (i.e., QR codes) is a key purchase driver.

3. Inclusive Design: It’s anticipated that inclusive design will transition from a trend to the norm in 2023 as consumers increasingly look to support companies and brands that are socially responsible and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. This is particularly relevant in beauty care, with nearly half (47%) of beauty product users saying they shop from brands with diversity or inclusivity (Mintel). In addition to demonstrating social responsibility, the incorporation of inclusive packaging can also drive trial and brand loyalty.

4. Enjoyment: The stress and anxiety of the last few years has driven consumers to look for more enjoyment and excitement in the products they buy, as fun experiences can provide a sense of escape from daily stressors. The need for enjoyability is also an essential part of the value-for-money equation. Berlin identified “retro resurgence” as one of the top consumer trends of 2023 as shoppers gravitate toward fun, nostalgic, escapist design experiences.

5. Carbon Conscious: There is growing awareness around the role of carbon emissions in the packaging sustainability equation, with almost 60% of global consumers saying that a reduced carbon footprint is extremely or quite important to them in a product (GlobalData). Many companies have started incorporating carbon labeling to demonstrate their environmental commitment and help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

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