Packaging solutions specialist Payne ( is launching a Facebook campaign ( to find out what people think about reclosable packs. Research has suggested that a third of consumers would pay more for the convenience of being able to reseal certain types of packs and Payne is keen to understand some of the driving forces behind purchasing decisions.

“As packaging professionals, we recognize the benefits of reclosability in terms of portion control, product protection and reduced waste,” says Payne managing director Martin Dallas. “However, consumers can sometimes surprise us with the reasons for the choices they make and we want to get to the heart of what they consider to be good packaging and why.

“For example, if you buy a larger bag of confectionery, is the ability to reseal it and save it for later a key reason for choosing the pack? How many people take advantage of this feature, and how many eat the entire contents in one go?

“On a more serious note, what types of products would consumers like to see in packs that are easier to reseal? Is being able to buy in larger sizes and save the contents important? Is this a more convenient way to shop?”

Feedback is being requested through Payne’s Packaging Resolved Facebook page, where the company seeks to engage with consumers to promote the many benefits of good packaging and identify areas where there is room for further improvement.

The company’s initial research into consumer attitudes to packaging has already identified that consumers tend to respond positively to packaging that is fit for purpose, with opening, closing, protecting and informing being some of the main elements of many successful and popular packs.

“As an industry, we are quite rightly focused on delivering sustainable benefits but our research showed that frustrations and difficulties in opening packs are of more concern to many consumers than environmental considerations,” says Dallas. “Similarly, while reclosable packs offer tremendous benefits in terms of reducing food waste and raw material consumption and we need to explain these benefits to consumers, it is also important to understand what else concerns them and how as an industry we can effectively respond to this. Through our Packaging Resolved Facebook page we hope to obtain some initial feedback and data that we can research and develop further.”