Multisorb Technologies ( announces it will exhibit its sorbent solutions for fresh and processed packaged meat products at the Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, February 22-24, 2015. The conference is the leading educational event focusing on meat and poultry technical innovations, marketing innovations, merchandising issues, and consumer purchasing trends.

Multisorb's sorbents, oxygen scavengers, desiccants and other adsorbers are widely used to maintain the freshness and extend the shelf life of fresh and processed meats.

FreshPax® packets, the flagship oxygen absorber for food and beverage products, offer versatility in both size and capacity and provide unparalleled protection to processed meat products. These spooled oxygen absorbers are especially suited to mid- to high-speed packaging lines when paired with a FreshPax dispenser.

Multisorb will also be featuring its new JerkyFresh® packets. The only oxygen absorber engineered specifically for jerky products with a water activity level less than 0.85, JerkyFresh extends jerky's shelf life beyond that provided by atmospheric, gas flushing, and vacuum packaging alone. The unique oxygen absorbers irreversibly absorb oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01% and maintain this level, keeping the jerky fresh and extending its shelf life.

For customers looking for a more inconspicuous solution for processed meat products, FreshMax® self-adhesive oxygen absorbers are the solution. These award winning oxygen absorbers adhere to the interior of almost any package, creating a unique solution for deli meat in lidded trays.

For case-ready fresh meat, the MAPLOX® program is the leading low-oxygen, case-ready program in use today. The program maintains the freshness, flavor, and color of case ready meats, extending the shelf-life well beyond that of high-oxygen programs.