Mast Brothers, the New York-based chocolate makers, launches its 2016 chocolate collection, a range that includes six dark and six milk chocolates. With a commitment to innovation, each year the team not only introduces a new line of chocolates but also redesigns its signature papers. The chocolates will also now be available in three sizes: small (28g), medium (70g), and large (200g).

Rick Mast says, “The 2016 collection is first and foremost about insanely delicious chocolate. We are using the most sought after beans in the world and have dedicated much of the year to exploring blends. Our obsession with single-estate chocolates has inspired us to look at them as ingredients, part of a larger possibility, a global gathering.”

The 2016 designs feature abstract geometric forms and textures with a distinctive color palette. Inspiration ranges from sculpture to architecture, mostly American and Italian artists from the ’70s and ’80s.

“I wanted the new designs to read less as static patterns and more like paintings with movement. They all have a funky, soulful quality,” explains Nathan Warkentin, creative director.

The 12-bar collection includes the following:

Milk: Milk chocolate made with Kentucky buttermilk

Vanilla: Milk chocolate ground with whole Bourbon vanilla beans

Maple: Milk chocolate sweetened with maple sugar from Vermont

Coffee: Milk chocolate ground with freshly roasted coffee beans

Sheep Milk: Milk chocolate made with Italian sheep milk

Goat Milk: Milk chocolate made with Dutch goat milk

Dark: Signature dark chocolate blend

Smoke: Dark chocolate made with smoked beans

Mint: Dark chocolate ground with mint leaves

Almond: Dark chocolate ground with house roasted almond

Sea Salt: Dark chocolate finished with sea salt

Olive Oil: Dark chocolate blended with cold pressed olive oil

The 2016 collection will be available at Mast flagships in London and Brooklyn, as well as its special partners, this fall.