According to a global survey from Q1 2016 produced by consumer insight firm Canadean (, 60% of consumers find new experiences more exciting than new products, and are starting to seek products offering more than mere functionality.

The company’s latest report states that packaging’s role in catching the consumer’s eye is vital, as it not only forms their first impression of the product, but can enhance its functionality and consumption experience, helping the item to stand out among competition. In this way, new packaging technologies are set to grow in popularity.

Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, explains: “Competitive new technologies offering creative ways of targeting consumer needs will become increasingly important. Take, for example, Japanese Rescue Rice. It comes in an aluminium can with a plastic lid containing modified and dried Japanese rice filled without oxygen to prevent the rice from oxidation. The product can be cooked in a can in 20 minutes by adding boiled water and, despite its foundation in the emergency market, will also appeal to those looking for novel experiences."

Technologies allowing packaging personalization will be popular for special and gifting occasions. For example, Medea Vodka produces bottles with programmable LED displays with which consumers can display personal messages sent via Bluetooth from their gadgets.

Zhupanova adds: “Packaging requiring this level of consumer involvement must ensure the process is uncomplicated. Simple actions such as scanning QR codes or typing messages into an app are key to a product's success.”

Finally, fun packaging that capitalizes on consumer social media use, such as a beer bottle which takes pictures of consumers and uploads them online, will create a buzz, enhance brand image and increase brand awareness.