Tetra Pak® (tetrapakusa.com) now offers a full array of services to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve world-class manufacturing operations. These products and services go beyond providing parts and maintenance to offer full plant solutions and guidance from knowledgeable experts.

Tetra Pak Services’ offerings include a wide variety of products and services, such as consumables, upgrades, personnel evaluation and customized training, remote equipment monitoring and remote support, and consulting. The expanded services focus on helping food and beverage plants deliver safe, high-quality products while reducing costs and environmental impact, and are available for plants that use Tetra Pak processing and packaging equipment, as well as other brands.

“With the expansion of our services portfolio, we’re able to leverage our decades of experience in processing and packaging to offer cutting-edge products and services designed to help our customers achieve world-class manufacturing,” says Pekka Matilainen, Tetra Pak Services VP for the Americas. “Our customers will greatly benefit from our expanded portfolio with increased efficiency and productivity.”

Consulting is one Tetra Pak Services offering where experts measure, benchmark and develop a customized continuous improvement program. It covers five key areas: operational performance, quality, environment, production information management, and supply chain and logistics. Drawing from extensive experience implementing continuous improvement in its own factories, the company first applied this expertise to Tetra Pak equipment in customers’ plants. The new consulting services apply that knowledge and experience across an entire plant’s operations.

Tetra Pak Services are enabled by cutting-edge technologies and digitalization. Such technologies facilitate customer remote support, condition monitoring, training and access to data and information from around the globe.

As a full system provider, Tetra Pak is well positioned to offer end-to-end solutions to the food and beverage industry. With more than 60 years of experience in food and beverage processing and packaging, Tetra Pak is committed to continuously investing in new technology and digital tools that create new solutions and enhance these services. 

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