For both existing and start-up businesses, competition has always been a challenge. With the shift towards convenience and eCommerce retailing, brands can develop marketing strategies to create unique experiences that differentiate their brand from competitors in the market.

Building a robust relationship with customers is by no means easy, especially when the variety of products available to purchase both in-store and online seems endless. With so many options available on the market, brands are constantly seeking an innovative way to deliver the unique experience of their products to their customers.

By incorporating innovative design and branding combined with additional visual merchandising elements, businesses can offer a total concept brand experience to enhance the purchasing journey for their customers. Packaging is the perfect way to achieve this. Below, we talk through several different ways brands can use packaging to build on these customer relationships and generate more sales.


Convenience, sustainability and value are high on demand when it comes to packaging design. Because of this, it is no surprise to us that we are seeing a lot more businesses explore new packaging features such as double-sided tape strips, perforations, tear strips, crash locking designs and the use of more premium print processes such as Litho, to achieve high value, visually engaging packaging designs.

Unlike physical retail experiences, eCommerce merchants have fewer touch points to make a lasting impression on customers, so it is important to utilize each opportunity to create a memorable branded experience that differentiates from competitors.

Pro Tip: Branded Packaging Tape is an essential, and overlooked, external packaging product. Using branded tape, is a great way to seal packaging while promoting your brand. It is also a cost effective way to improve brand exposure, and have your packages easily recognized.


We see many start-up businesses opt for a one-size-fits-all approach to transit packaging. While approach can be a cost effective short-term solution, ill-fitted packaging can lead to unwanted movement, abrasion, scuffs and crushing, that will quite understandably lead to negative implications further along the customer journey.

Bespoke packaging is made to measure. This means that the dimensions of the products, the packaging material and weight requirements are taken into consideration as the packaging is designed to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Two in five customers claimed that if they were to receive a damaged product, they would consider purchasing with a competitor before ordering again [Shorr Packaging Corp]. In today’s unrelenting retail climate, this is a risk that is not worth taking.


• Significantly reduce the risk of product damage during delivery

• Help to maintain brand identity, build on customer relationships & encourage repeat sales

• Reduce costs that may be incurred through replacements/returns/administration as a consequence of damaged goods during delivery

• Can be made to suit individual products, applications and modes of transport



Loyalty is extremely important for eCommerce retailers due to it being so straightforward (and quite often cheaper) for customers to switch to another competitor brand offering a similar product.

40% of online shoppers say they would be “more likely to purchase from a retailer that offers premium packaging.” The same percentage of online shoppers said, “branded or gift-like packaging affects their perception of the online retailer that shipped the item.” [Multi Channel Merchant]

Bespoke packaging and particularly litho printed packaging has the power to propel a modest eCommerce brand into luxury territory.

When exploring new options of printed packaging for your brand, it’s important to know the various print processes available and the vast array of additional print finishes & embellishments available for packaging. The processes used in the manufacturing process will dictate the quality and price of the packaging. The litho print process produces printed packaging to a higher standard compared to other print processes and offers a variety of options for print finishes.

Litho is one of the few print processes that can be combined with a multitude of additional print finishes. Today, there is an array of options available for the purpose of delivering multi-sensory experiences to the consumer. For example, luxury embellishments such as foil blocking, spot UV varnish, fragrance-burst elements and an array of different film laminates. By combining an innovative structural design, a quality print process and additional print finishes, you can transform your packaging from the ordinary to a premium and memorable packaging design.


After investing time and effort creating and producing your brand’s products, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle. It’s important to find a partner that can create packaging that is reliable, cost effective, of sound quality, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.