Packaging companies in South Korea need to capitalize on consumers’ need for conveniently packaged products in single portion sizes that are convenient to eat on-the-go, finds new report by Canadean ( 

Office workers need packaging that allows them to eat on-the-go to suit their busy lifestyles

South Koreans are leading increasingly busy lifestyles owing to longer working hours compared to other major OECD countries and high one-way commute times. As eating occasions are getting shorter, packaging companies need to provide innovative solutions that allow consumers to eat while commuting or working at their desks.

Gooksoo, a dry noodle brand in South Korea, has introduced a folding box for noodles that is quickly and easily assembled ready for consumption. The box is convenient to store and transport, and is ideal for fast pace lifestyles as it allows consumers to eat their traditional and favourite meal conveniently.

Packaging companies need to assist marketers in meeting the demands of the older population

The pack qualities that make for an effective on-the-go product, such as single portion, lightweight, easy-to-carry and easy-to-open, will also help manufacturers to better target the other key demographic group in South Korea.The percentage of consumers aged 65 and over is set to more than double between 2000 and 2020 making them an age group not to be ignored by marketers. Often older consumers have smaller appetites and live in single or dual member households. Kirsty Nolan, Canadean Analyst says, “Packaging companies must ensure that there are packaging solutions available to marketers which provide consumers with single portion meals and snacks that are easy to prepare and consume.”

The effects of this trend are already being felt in pack size. For instance, as demand for more convenient, smaller packs grows, packs sized 0-250 g/ml will increase their share of the South Korean ready meals, breakfast cereals and frozen meat categories between 2010 and 2016.