Dewey’s Bakery opened its first location in 1930 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Over the years, their unique style of cookies developed a local, cult-like following. 

“Immersing ourselves in all the Dewey’s magic, we crafted a purpose-driven brand strategy, effective messaging, and inspirational packaging and website design for the brand. One of the critical core messaging challenges we tackled was how to effectively communicate the unique product proposition of very thin, yet very flavorful cookies,” said Richard Palmer, Executive Creative Director, Little Big Brands.

Through upfront strategic work, new messaging was crafted, including the tagline, “Exceptionally Thin. Remarkably Flavorful.” LBB also created meaningful on-pack communication around the clean label ingredients, now highlighted through their “Baker’s Promise.”

From a design perspective, grabbing consumers’ attention as they walk down the aisle was key to launching nationally in a crowded category. The black & white bakery awning serves as this beacon, creating a strong brand block for Dewey’s cookies. A custom, hand-drawn bakery store front window illustration further brings to life the heritage of this 90+ year brand. LBB featured the exceptional thinness of the cookies via a front-of-pack window.

“LBB has been a terrific strategic and design partner for Dewey’s Bakery. We’re a 90+ year old brand with extraordinary cookies and an authentic story to tell, and LBB has helped us bring our story and our products to life through outstanding packaging, engaging website design and eye-catching trade materials,” said Ellen Howse, chief marketing officer, Dewey’s.

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